Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a fun day! =)

Oh I am sooo tired!

My friend Lisa picked me up today and took me into the city. It was such a nice day, felt so warm and wasn't sticky like back home.

We listened to all our favorite music tracks on the way and she would be abit crazy screaming at people (especially guys) through her window! hehe
But we don't mean to hurt anyone.

We went into the harbour and met a lot of different people, there was a magician doing magic tricks and all these people were standing around watching, it was amazing.

We were also so close to the water, I almost fell inside it!! This guy named Adam saved me, he was very nice and took me to Bel-Air. It was the name of a cafe in the harbour city, they sold coffee, hot chocolate (who would want those in such hot weather!) but we just had a nice Ice drink.

I felt sorry for my friend, so we had to leave Adam and get back home as it was getting late.
The weather also became so cold I had wished now I had some hot chocolate!

On the way home we stopped by KFC to buy some food because we were so hungry! But while we were walking back to our car from KFC some dark men were following us, my friend said to hurry, I just wanted to be nice and talk to them and offer some food =)

But she said we should leave, so we got in our car safely and went back home.

It was such a fun day, I can't wait to go out again!
But first I must concentrate on my work that needs to be done!

Mesty =)

Ready for a good day =)

 How do I look =)

I'm just getting ready to see some friends I have made here. They are so sweet and have really shown me the good places.
I'll return with a good story to tell!
Mesty =)

First Objective =)

 Hi again!
Well today I will put my first objective I have here in Australia.

That is to study hard and finish this year with good marks! =)

This would make me proud and make it easy for me to find a job.

I hope to have this done by the end of the year!

Mesty =)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome =)

welcome to my blog.
My name is Mestu (you can call me Mesty)
I would like to show my objectives and hopefully everyday I can update new objectives in life and how I feel if I'm getting there or not.

Please excuse my english if it is bad =)

I hope you enjoy and can also help with me in achieving my goals!
Thankyou =)